Get the personalized support you and your organization need. We provide a variety of support and training packages for your convenience. Services can be customized based on your needs. Support for us means on-going tutoring and customization as well as initial setup and configuration of the products you choose.

We create workshops to learn Filemaker and Lasso technologies. Each training experience is meant to be more like a personalized tutoring session rather than a fixed curriculum. We work with you and your employees--on-site--to provide 1:1 interaction which helps you learn more easily and quickly. We use a variety of learning tools but prefer these 1:1 sessions as they help cement learning.

PerIssue Support


Get support issue-by-issue when you want it.

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By the Hour Support


Purchase a package of hourly support.

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On-Site Support


Installation, training, and on-site support options.

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Support and Training per Issue or Pre-Paid

Per Issue

  Item Price
  Bug Fixes - (Determined by technical support if issue qualifies) Free
  E-Mail support and setup assistance 30 Days Free
  Per Issue Support (Does not include training/consulting) $300.00

Pre-Paid Packages

  8 Hours Pre-Paid Support/Training Package
(Can be used for Training, Support, Custom Development)
Best Buy $1,440

Support and Training by the Hour

We can provide support at a reduced hourly rate if you purchase a package each calendar year. These packages are billed weekly as you use your time. Support is billed in 15-minute increments with 15 minutes being the minimum amount you can use at one time. (Minimum charge applies to first billing and may represent a credit until sufficient time is used to meet the minimum charge). These are contracted blocks of time which result in a reduced hourly rate for programming, support, and customizations.

If you do not use your full package commitment, then the hourly rate changes to the rate met in the contract period and a $200 minnimum charge will apply.

Hourly Pricing

  Item Price
  Customer owns the code $220/hr
  No obligation and no minimum $190/hr
  100 hours per calendar year $180/hr
  200 hours per calendar year $170/hr

On-Site Development and Training

Our on-site support and training guarantees that you are up and running with your data integrated and your employees trained from the start. Call for scheduling. Weekend and evening programming available at a slightly higher rate.

Onsite Rates

  Item Price
  Day Rate: Up to 8 hrs support and training on-site (travel not included) $1450.00
  Travel Day Rate: Travel is billed at half rate when less that 4 days are scheduled*. (If travel and work are on same day the day rates are prorated accordingly) $600.00
  Travel Expenses: All expenses related to travel are additional to the published rates. Call for scheduling options. Advance notice, flexibility of dates effect air fares and accommodation rates. CALL