Purchase RecordKeeper Apprenticeship client/server license for a one-time charge and no required ongoing support required. Server and Web portion can all be hosted in house and secured behind your own configurations. Our hybrid cloud system is the best of both worlds without the ongoing cloud costs and security of in house data storage and access. Support available on a pay as you go, prepaid or annual support. Claris client and server requires support agreement and support the client updates and server upgrades to keep Apprenticeship Tracker supported on future operating systems.

On-Site setup and initial data conversion and training is recommended. On-site training and setup is billed at a daily rate of $12000.00 plus travel expenses. Find out more about on-going training, support and customizations on the support page and on the training page.

What Is Included

Web Interface Modules
Mac OSMS Windows One-Time Purchase
Full program for 1 user
100 Students and 100 section licenses included.
$5,000.00 per Organization
Required minimum annual support per user (1.5 hrs support)$350.00

*2 Additional Seat licenses$1,250
*5 Additional Seat licenses$2,250
*10 Additional Seat licenses$3,000
*25 Additional Seat licenses$5,000
*50 Additional Seat licenses$8,000
Over 50 AdditionalCall
2+ users require Filemaker Pro Server license available 5 users and up.

100 Student Records (Apprentices & Journeyman)INCLUDED
250 Additional students$300
500 Additional students$600
1000 Additional students$2000
5000 Additional students$6000
Each license level can be purchased once.

100 Class RecordsINCLUDED
250 Additional Classes$300
500 Additional Classes$600
1000 Additional Classes$2,000
5000 Additional Classes$6,000
Each license level can be purchased once.

Web Module

$1200 Setup
Server Monthly Fee for hosted secure with backup$99
Monthly Recurring
Personnel Functions$10 Month per Personnel
Rosters, Grading, Attendance, Coordinator student lists, student detail viewing with work hours, travel, certifications and training schedule 
Student Functions$.25 Month per Student
Schedule, self enrolling, class schedule, certifications, travel, notifications/alerts, Work Progress Hours, Monthly Progress Report online submissions 
Contractor Functions$.25 Month per Contact
Employee listings, Online Raise notifications, Certifications of Employees, Training schedules 
Outlook SyncCall
Synch Instructor/Coordinator calendars to their outlook calendar 
QuickBooks SyncCall
Download Student/Contractor invoices for balances synch to web, Write travel checks from enrollment data 
Document ManagementCall
Store documents for students, classes, staff, travel, Quickbooks interface to manage invoices, inventory and purchase ordering and write Quickbook invoices and credit card charges, Scanner interface for popular desktop scanners and immediate filing and auto fill based on on screen data when document scanned. Not based on OCR or auto recognition for reliability. 

¹ Setup does not include travel expenses, customizations or additional programming.
² Required annual support is limited to 8 hours of support expiring annually on anniversary date.
Hourly development and customization is available at $180hr
$220 per hour for development owned or to be owned by the client.