Apprenticeship Tracker Features in Detail

Mac and Windows Software for Union Apprenticeship through Journeyman Construction training facility management

Student Management

The Student module tracks an apprentice's journey through the application process to acceptance in the trade. The application tracks on-the-job training skills and coursework. Coordinators can manage an apprentice's progress to ensure timely progression through their apprenticeship program. When a student becomes a journeyman, the application tracks certification, on-going training and skills.

The Students module—like all modules in Apprenticeship Tracker—logs all changes and stores historical information about the student.

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Course/Section Management

The courses module manages and tracks detailed information about scheduled courses. Apprenticeship Tracker associates certifications, affiliated schools, and sub-courses to courses. The application includes detailed course information including date, time, room, and more. Apprenticeship Tracker performs conflict checks to ensure that courses, instructors, and facilities don't conflict. One-click reports are built-in including section details, meal checks, attendance sheets, enrollment, various letters, and more.

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Personnel Management

The Personnel module tracks information about staff, instructors, and anyone who is not a student. Room assignments, inventory, instructor timesheets, calendars and certifications tracking are encompassed in this area. Like student information, the Personnel section includes historical information as well.

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Location Management

Define each room of your facility in detai--including power outlets, seating capacities, room floor plan, and other resources in the room. Each location can be separately scheduled. Class and room calendars can be printed to show availability.

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The Contacts module stores detailed information about contractors, including contract locals and other union offices. Contacts keeps track of which contracts are training agents for the various trades. Active training agents can be designated as employers for students. The Contacts module is designed to be as granular as you require by allowing multiple locations and multiple associated contacts within each company and location.

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The Inventory module tracks vendor information from which an organization buys. Information includes purchase orders, and inventory across multiple vendors.

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The Reports module includes over 200 built-in reports as well as customizable templates for completing your own mail-merge reports. Apprenticeship Tracker reports can be completely customized to your requirements, although so many built-in reports typically means that we have already created the report you require.

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Web Interface

  • Interfaces with Microsoft IIS, Apache (OSX/Unix) webserver
  • Utilizes Lassosofts lasso LDML web programming language
  • Web code is compatible with Graphical Web html editors
  • Code is fully unlocked for user modification
  • Customization service available
  • If you can imagine it - we can build it!

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